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Admitted to Bucharest Bar, 2000
Languages: fluent in English and French

Managing partner here, at Firon Bar-Nir, Catalin is an experienced commercial lawyer with exhaustive knowledge of a number of practice areas. He heads the Litigation and Arbitration Department and the Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Restructuring Department.

In more than 2 decades, Catalin advised domestic and international companies on various commercial real estate matters. He is an expert in structuring, negotiating implementing complex transactions including acquisition, investment, lease, and sale of large-scale real estate assets and properties in Romania and Eastern Europe. Catalin advises on sale and purchase agreements, complex association agreements between the land owners and developers, construction agreements, BOT agreements, commercial leases, and tenders. Catalin has also advised clients on the financing of real estate and construction projects, having a strong business-oriented approach.

A seasoned litigator, he is responsible for the ongoing management of complex and major claims. Catalin advises clients in all aspects of litigation including strategy, pretrial court procedures. Few are the issues that Catalin has not foreseen or successfully managed, his focus being on achieving the best outcome for each client in each case.