Firon Bar-Nir assisted Complex Comercial Brintex in the contracting of a 16 million Euro credit facility from a foreign bank, an amount which it intends to use for investments and refinancing

“Brintex is the oldest commercial platform of Brașov which hosts numerous retail units and the most state of the art agro-food market of Romania. The closing of this financial deal in early January 2022, for which negotiations began during the last quarter of 2021, is the greatest reward for us, as lawyers, and in particular for our client whose constantly growing business leads to more jobs in the region and generally, to a better living standard for the inhabitants of Brasov” said Ioana Mardare, partner and coordinator of the Banking & Finance department of Firon Bar-Nir.
The team of lawyers in charge with the Brintex deal was coordinated by Ioana Mardare and included advocate Ana Lavan and advocate Cătălina Moisiu.

Firon Bar-Nir has a wealth of practice in Banking & Finance, and was involved in the structuring, negotiation and signing of various syndicated credit agreements, project financing and construction financing agreements, intra-group loan restructuring, enforcement of securities, both by the financing banks and by the financed entities.

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