The attorneys of the Profesional Lawyers’ Company Firon Bar-Nir have offered legal assistance to Laurus Medical, which holds one of the most well reputed and large chain of private medical clinics in its takeover procedure by the Medicover group.

Laurus Clinics have a 17+ years expertise in proctology and the associated conditions; they are present in Bucharest and in 8 other important cities of Romania. The takeover of the network by the Medicover group, a deal closed at the end of last April subject to approval by the Competition Council, is the most rewarding prize for our client and for ourselves, the lawyers who successfully used their legal and business expertise in M&A to overcome all the difficulties inherent to such a significant takeover” said Alina Moldovan, a partner and coordinating manager of the M&A department of Firon Bar-Nir.

The team of Firon Bar-Nir which assisted Laurus Medical in this project was coordinated by Roni Bar-Nir, senior managing partner, and included Alina Moldovan, managing partner, and Sabrina Necula, senior associate.

The Medicover Group is assisted in this transaction by the attorneys of Filip & Company.

Firon Bar-Nir is well experienced in M&A, as it successfully structured, negotiated, and closed hundreds of M&A transactions. The FBN attorneys specializing in this area of practice are excellently equipped to undertake a balanced and business-oriented approach of the large array of issues that appear during such projects, so as to ensure a legal risk-free contractual framework and, at the same time, to give priority to the parties’ need to enter into a win-win deal.